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Hello everyone, this journal is no longer getting updated! I still use the account for commenting and browsing my friends list, but otherwise the curtain has been drawn. Thanks for sticking around!

You can find me as elenei on Tumblr, as shellfishDimes on AO3 and as orthancs on Twitter.

(fanmix) Sherlock Holmes

title. they're rising back up: a Sherlock Holmes and the undead mix
format/size. mp3/zip, 71 MB
summary. for speth's fic "Pea-Souper of the Damned", a Victorian zombie apocalypse fic done for holmes_big_bang. the style of the mix is much in this vein, so there's a lot of creepy notes, desperation and darkness. all the bits accompanying the instrumentals are non-spoilery excerpts from the actual story.
notes. art in mix done with damascus wallpaper texture by =cloaks; old paper & blood texture by ~saykee, both on deviantart.

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