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burning stars lit up their hair

and crawled to heaven on golden stairs

illegal name in watercolours

Disclaimer: All the stories written here are works of fiction and only a fool would take them as fact. I do not own any of the characters, I just borrow them for kicks. If you came here by Googling yourself, pray look for greener pastures.

css | ao3

"that's not my judesie!", accidental spooning ♥, alex turner, alex turner/miles kane, alex/miles, arctic monkeys, arctic monkeys slash, awaydays, bandslash, brand new, carty, carty/elvis, elvis, elvis/carty, eridan ampora, erisol, fall out boy slash, fanfic, fanfiction, fiction, fuelled by ramen, gay marriage (in space), homestuck, homoerotic subtext, intentional gay, jesse lacey, john nolan, johnny flynn, kevin devine, kevin sampson, kevin tuffy, last shadow puppets, last shadow puppets slash, laura marling, mark elways, mcr slash, miles kane, miles kane/alex turner, miles/alex, mspa, mumm-ra, my chemical romance, noah and the whale, paul carty, pete/mikey, peter parker, rabid sex on the kitchen table, rassilon shipping doctor/master, reality having a homoerotic bias, slash, sollux captor, straylight run, the last shadow puppets, the rascals, the wombats, tiemcock, tlsp, tlsp slash, tony stark